Vehicle Repairs & Services

At Big Rat Auto Sales and Services Ltd., we offer comprehensive vehicle repair and servicing solutions to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Our services include:

General Servicing

Our skilled technicians provide routine maintenance and servicing to ensure your vehicle operates smoothly. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, fluid top-ups, and overall inspections to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

General Repairs

Whether you have mechanical or electrical issues, our experienced team can handle a wide range of general repairs. We diagnose and repair problems with engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension, steering, electrical systems, and more.


If your vehicle has suffered from collisions or cosmetic damage, our skilled technicians are proficient in bodywork repairs. We can restore your vehicle’s appearance through dent removal, painting, panel replacements, and other necessary repairs.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our advanced diagnostic tools and equipment enable us to identify and troubleshoot issues with your vehicle’s systems. We can diagnose and rectify problems related to engine performance, electrical systems, emissions, and other onboard systems.

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