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Big Rat Auto Sales and Services Ltd. was established in June 1998 at the Caledonia Plaza in Mandeville Manchester.  Our company started as a specialist in the sale of used Japanese auto parts. Then, we operated from a single container on a small open lot. The company has grown significantly since.  Today customers can access our services at our convenient locations at 27 Main Street, Mandeville, Manchester, (our headquarters), at 17 Institution Drive, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, or 17 Main Street, Brown’s Town, St. Ann.

The company is now the premier provider of new and used parts for all model vehicles in central Jamaica.  We serve a range of customers from across the island.  We take pride in being accessible to our customers. Our customers can access our services through traditional means or via social media.

Today, the range of our products and services includes new and used parts, including truck parts; bodywork and general auto repairs; wrecking service, vehicle rental, bus service, as well as motor vehicle sales (cars and trucks).

We aim to provide our customers with superior customer services, high-quality goods, and services at the most economical rates.  As such, we continue to embrace our slogan: “Big on Deals; Small on Your Pocket”


Big Rat Auto Sales and Services Ltd. Is a Christ-centred organization supplying comprehensive auto parts services.  We are committed to consistently providing the highest quality customer service to all our customers.  We are committed to providing familial care for all staff. We are committed to sharing and providing support that enhances professionalism and personal development.  We will continue to serve our community by catering to the diverse areas of need, even as we strive to increase profitability for our various stakeholders.


To be an industry leader, providing comprehensive, modern, first-class customer-cantered auto part services in Jamaica and the Caribbean.


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